Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wedding Preparation

Happy 2017! It has been a fruitful year of 2016. I had been busy settling down at our new home, preparing on our wedding day, photo shooting with my love one. I am more than excited to welcome my new chapter of life. :) This post is a throwback of my past 10 months wedding preparation. I would like to share my humble experience that might be helpful for some brides to be.

The checklist goes on and on until the wedding day. Here goes..

1. Wedding date
* This is the first thing to do after proposal.
* Share the good news with parents and discuss for the big date !
* I like my dinner reception date  7/1/2017 ; in Mandarin pronunciation,  it sounds similar to  一起一齐 :)

2. Wedding dinner location
* Major dates might be booked 1 year earlier
   (get ready with a few choices, you might not be able to get your first choice)
* Personal review of my wedding dinner location: Vistana Hotel Bukit Jambul Penang
- Strategic location in between mainland and island
- Spacious 3 bedrooms apartment for our guests (FOC for mine)
- Serve full 8 course vegetarian meal (Yes, keep in mind not every hotel serve vegetarian meal)
- Spacious ballroom (Give you plenty options for decorations)
- Not to compare hotel food with Chinese restaurant food; but honestly their food is averagely good
  FOC 1 table of food tasting & I like their baked barbecued chicken !
- All our guests enjoy the ambiance
- If you are interested, contact  for quotation

Vistana Hotel Ballroom 

3. Pre-wedding photography
* I am more than happy to have my pre-wedding photo-shoot done with Wooi Loon and Wen Xian 
* I get all original photos, 1 photo canvas, slide show, 60 edited photos and 1 photo book
* It was more like travelling with 2 trust-able friends; chatting, laughing, enjoying !
* Don't worry about how to pose, Wooi Loon demonstrated different poses. Hahaha, he is talented!
* Even though it was chilly cold, Wen Xian also made sure we looked fabulous all time.
* If you are figuring what to wear except wedding gown, Tutu skirt can be a good choice, I got my tutu skirt from Bonbon Boutique
-  Custom Carrie Tulle Skirt 57cm-63cm length with ivory color 

Love this series  ♥♥♥

Wloon PhotographyWenxy Makeup

4. Bridal gown selecion
* My pre-wedding bridal gown was from Le Parfait Wedding Gallery.  
-  FYI,  I was charged RM400 for a few tiny small holes in the hidden layers of  the gown.
- YES, it was ridiculously expensive and we were asked to pay RM800 at the first place.
* Please make sure to check every layer of gown before renting.
(We were not instructed to check every layer, we just checked the outer most layer) A painful experience.
* There are so many different cuttings: mermaid, a line, tutu, sweet heart, high neck.
* Choose what suits you the most and listen to your heart!
* I found my dress after several times of  trying session.
* My actual day bridal gown was from Le Marriage 
- It is a smaller bridal gallery with lesser choice, but it owns new gowns with comparatively cheaper price. Le Marriage also provides floral bouquet ; car decoration; wedding dinner decoration services.

My favorite shot  ♥♥♥

Jn Tan PhotographyNatalie Makeup

5. Actual wedding day
* Photographer Jn Tan is very friendly and tried the best to capture every moments! Pictures speak more than word
* Makeup artist Natalie  has more than 10 years of working experience. You will be amazed with her talent and skill. I felt stunning with the natural make up and perfect hairdo. (puji sendiri)
* Highly recommend SuperBand Entertainment  !! They simply just understand what you like. I have different performers for both dinner nights, and both presents different theme and ambiance. They sing well from English oldies to modern pop songs, and of course a lot of Chinese Classic Songs. You won't be disappointed with their performance.

6. Taobao
* I  bought jimui dress, hengdai bow tie, and decorative items through taobao
* Good quality; good packaging with cheap price, when you ship in bulk, you actually save a lot.
*  2 weeks delivery plan; plan ahead.
* The crown that I am wearing (photo above) is from taobao too.
Link  : Bow TieBridesmaid dressDeco stickerCrown 

Bow Tie

Bridesmaid dressDeco sticker

7. Chinese customs and traditions
* Highly recommend Joo Huat Wedding. The aunty there will make sure you get all the items needed for wedding day.
* 2 other shops that I visited too  Lifetime Event Red House Wedding
I printed my wedding invitation cards inner page from Red House Wedding too .

There are a lot of emotional situations during the past few months of planing, I would say thank you THANK YOU so much to my family members for their patience, tolerance and love. It's true that wedding day was not only for both of us, but for everyone who came to celebrate our happiness. I hope that each and everyone of you who had joined us during our big day had a wonderful time. And THANK YOU so much for your help! You know who you are.



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